Happiness is Handmade is not just a slogan. It drives our direction in product choice - our color palette, color appeal, sparkle, shine, and overall usefulness in all of your craft projects.

We have a brand new color chart just for the craft market that contains 102 films and 4 different premask products. Contact us for a FREE copy and receive FREE samples.


We currently off the best selection of vinyl films for all of your craft projects. These films give you all of the glitter and shine, and with more colors coming out soon, the sky is the limit.


ATSM Brand 4000 Series Craft Vinyl is the perfect product for all your craft and hobby projects. These films are designed to last 5 to 6 years outdoors so these products will give you bright, vivid colors for a long time.

Be sure to check out our newest colors - Coral and Tiff Blue.


Our ULTRA METALLIC Films have the most glitter. These films come in 25 colors (including Rose Gold, Coral, Tiff Blue, and Lime Tree) and are perfect for every application.


Our Transparent Glitter Film can be easily cut and applied, allowing you to turn any glass surface into a work of art. You can add sparkling color and privacy, creating a new environment of light, space, and visual effects. This film is especially useful for glassware as it gives you a vibrant color on the outside and a silvery color from the inside.

ATSM Brand Heavy Metal colors are now Polished Metal. They are perfect when you want to add something special. Their shiny, almost pearlescent look is perfect for those projects that need bling, but without the glitter. There is nothing like them in the industry.


This high quality matte film is ideal for temporary or medium term graphics, especially in home décor, craft projects, decals, and scrapbooking. This film removes cleanly and easily for up to 2 years after application and has a matte surface that suppresses unwanted reflection.

Available in 27 of the most popular colors, including Coral, Mint, and Tiff Blue.


Our Pearl Films are some of the neatest new products that we have introduced recently. This is one of those products that only seeing is believing. One of our Design Team members put a dragon on a refurbished jewelry box. Now, choose the color that you like best. Can't decide? That's OK, they are all the same install...from different angles. Truly amazing. Now check out the denim game bag, also pretty cool. We do not guarantee how permanent this application will be on textile, but it sure looks cool now. The Pearl Films are available in 4 colors - White, Pink, Blue, and Yellow. We suggest that you try them all to see how many different colors you can see.


STYLETECH Chalkboard Film is a non-PVC film that is perfect for bringing fun and creativity to the classroom, home, and craft projects.


Our Fluorescent Films are the brightest in the industry and offer a little surprise at night. Just expose these films to black light and start the party...
A long time ago someone joked with me and said that our fluorescent films were so bright that you almost had to wear shades when using them. Well, our Fluorescents are bright and that makes them really fun to craft with. Check out these fun projects and ask yourself what you could use them for.


Our White and Colored Etch Films are perfectly designed for all of your craft projects. Whether you are making special glassware or larger, fun graphics, this film is easy to cut on all of the popular craft cutters and easy to install. For larger projects, our glass etch films provide a beautiful means of creating an entirely new environment of light, space, dimension, and visual effects.

Color availability includes White - 421, Blue - 422, Green - 423, Red - 424 and Pearly White - 480.


Our Glow Film is a fun way to create some pretty amazing graphics and projects. Whether you want to add stars and planets to your childs room, mark light switches or that cabinet that you always bump your head on, the sky is the limit. One of our crafy friends wanted to create this extra large pair of cat eyes. Me-wow.


ATSM Craft has more metalized films than anyone in the craft market. Not only do we have Chrome, Gold Chrome, Red, Blue, Pink, and Light Blue chrome solids, we also have many specialty metalized and holographic films.


Our Reflective Films are ideal for night visibility or when you need something to be seen at low visibility times of day. You can use this product for street lettering, mail boxes, marking posts, corners, or most anything. Many people use it on their children's Halloween costumes for added safety. It is easily removable from all clothing items. This product is designed for extended outdoor use and is resistant against extremes of hot, cold, dry, and humid conditions.

Although White is the most popular color, we have all of the traditional traffic colors - Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Orange.


We offer all of the best premask products to help you with all of your craft projects.

Clear - This product is the most popular for all applications. Its flexibility makes it perfect for difficult applications, including glassware.

Clear with Grid - When you need more exact registration, the gridded clear premask helps you keep things straight.

Clear with Gridded Release Liner - If you need sheets of premask, this is the product for you.

Paper - This premask is designed for larger decals that are installed on flat surfaces.

Our most popular size of craft premask is 1230 - 12" X 30' and we have some great deals. Our largest size rolls are 48" X 300'. We do produce custom sizes every day, so call or e-mail for anything you need.

We love to hear from you. You can call in your orders or take advantage of our ONLINE Specials 24/7.

Thank you for crafting with us!

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